We all seem to have unexpected things happen, from challenging life circumstances to random joyful blessings. This unexpectedness is what makes life both exciting and scary. After Praise Nights on February 24, I had an unexpected moment, a divine opportunity.  

A young man, only 16, approached the doors of the Venue to hold the door as we carried items outside it to my car. Once we finished, Josette, Elementary Outreach Worker, and I approached to thank him. He proceeded to ask us “How can I sober up?” Out of that question, he started sharing about the predicament he was in. He was in town for a hockey tournament, went out drinking, drank too much, and ended up getting lost. I offered to walk him down to Tim Hortons so we could get some food and water into his system and sober him up enough to remember what hotel he was staying at.

As we walked and sat in Tim Hortons, he began to open up about his thoughts on God. He stated he “can’t force himself to believe in him.” So, I started sharing my story. I never had to force myself to believe because there was so much evidence for Him in my life that I had no reason to doubt. Along with that, I shared how Jesus, historically, was a real man who walked on this earth, died, and through many witnesses, was seen resurrected. To me, the facts and his presence make it hard not to believe.

I proceeded to share that I believe God is working in his life, too, because He brought him to me so I could share this good news and make sure he got home safe. As he sobered up, we ended up realizing his hotel was the one just across the street from Tim Hortons. Walking over, we continued the conversation which led to him feeling convicted to put his trust in Jesus. Sitting in the hotel lobby, he called out to Jesus, putting full confidence in him and surrendering all to him.

God works in unexpected ways. He led this young man to me, and now he is living a life surrendered to Him. So, let’s choose to live our life moment by moment eagerly anticipating the unexpected gifts or opportunities God has for us to bless others and show them He lives and that there is a reason to believe in Him!