Jennifer Kloosterman

Peterborough Director

Jenn started with Youth Unlimited as a drop-in volunteer in 2007, and is currently serving as our Peterborough Director. She graduated from Trent University in 2011 with a degree in International Development, and she is working on a certificate in Biblical Counseling through CCEF. Jenn is passionate about God and people! She desires to see young people connecting more with God and with each other, and seeks to give everyone the opportunity to receive love, respect, dignity and a good cup of coffee! In her free time, you can usually find Jenn on her bicycle, preparing some home-cooked food or somewhere downtown with a good cup-o-joe. / office: 705 743 2900 / cell: 705 957 0189

Glenn Duncan

H.O.P Director

Glenn Duncan has served on Staff with Youth Unlimited since 2003. Glenn serves as a pastor to our staff, as well as leading the Church in the City initiative, Million Meals Peterborough and the Kawartha House of Prayer– KHOP for short. Glenn is one of those people who ‘gets it’. His heart for people and God is inspiring and contagious, and he is a library of insight and wisdom. Glenn loves spending time with his family (especially his grandchildren!), delighting in nature, and he also runs 1/2 marathons when he has nothing better to do with his time! / office: 705 743 2900


Amanda Volk

Junior Youth Ministry Coordinator

Amanda came to Youth Unlimited in 2012 to run our Jr. youth drop-in program and ended up picking up four other programs along with it! She has an awesome passion to see youth be the best they can be, help them develop into healthy whole people and introduce them to the person and work of Jesus. Amanda graduated from Trent in 2011 with a degree in International Development. When she is not helping us be more efficient at the youth center and creating cool programs and tools for reaching out to kids, you can find her on the soccer pitch, doing archery or enjoying walks with her dog in the country! / office: 705 743 2900

Josette Bowden

Elementary Outreach Worker

Josette has been a part of our elementary volunteer team since 2014, so we were ecstatic when she applied for an internship in 2016, and even more so to welcome her as our new Elementary Outreach Worker in the fall of 2017. Josette has served as our elementary outreach intern assisting with in-school and after-school programs, as well as continuing the “Precious” girls program in the Tallwood area. She is currently serving in the Downtown and Tallwood areas and has a heart to expand our reach to youth in the North End. office: 705 743 2900

Josh Lott

Senior Youth Outreach Worker

Josh was a student in the last graduating class of Kawartha Lakes Bible College when he first got involved with the Bridge Drop in program in 2013. Josh then moved back to his hometown of Stirling to serve as a Youth Pastor at Grace Bible Chapel and work on his carpentry apprenticship. We are thrilled to have Josh back as part of our Peterborough Team! Josh is also currently serving as the Youth Pastor at Auburn Bible Chapel. Josh is passionate about coming alongside young people in authentic relationships. You can find Josh hanging out at the Bridge Drop In centre during the week! / office: 705 743 2900

Jonathan Norman

Senior Youth Ministry Coordinator

Jonathan joined our staff team after graduating from Masters Bible College and Seminary with a youth ministry diploma in 2017. Jon comes with loads of experience in youth ministry and as a worship pastor at Calvary Pentecostal Church.  Jon has a heart for worship, and for coming alongside youth in all walks of life wherever they’re at. Jonathan is married to the lovely Katelyn and they have 5 awesome kids! Jon is a Blue Jays enthusiast and proud rep of his Newfie homeland. / office: 705 743 2900

Evan Buckles

Outreach Worker

Evan is a student at Master Bible College and Seminary and Skate guru extraordinaire! Evan began the Peterborough Indoor Skatepark as part of his internship in 2016, and has since continued on to see this vision for skate ministry in Peterborough come to life! When Evan is not hitting ramps at the skate park or hosting skate comps, you can find him working or throwing axes at the Axe Club, hitting up the local music scene, or riding around town on his orange stallion of a bicycle! office: 705 743 2900